Accepted Posters

A literature review of steering angle prediction algorithms for self-driving cars

Oussama Aatiq and Mohamed Talea

Towards An Efficient Real-time Approach To Banking Decision making Using Deep Learning

Youness Abakarim, Mohamed Lahby and Abdelbaki Attioui

Voice Patgology Detection

Wahiba Abouzbiba, Sara Sekkate and Abdellah Adib

Arabic machine translation using LSTM Encoder-Decoder

Nouhaila BENSALAH, Habib AYAD, Abdellah ADIB and Abdelhamid IBN EL FAROUK

Morocco Seismic Activity Detection Using LongShort-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Network

Younes Choubik, Abdelhak Mahmoudi and Mohammed Majid Himmi

Isolated Digit Speech Recognition Based On Hidden Markov Models

Fatima Zahra EL FATEHY, Mohammed KHALIL and Abdellah ADIB

Deep Generative Models: Practical Comparison Between Variational Autoencoders and Generative Adversarial Networks

Mohamed El Kaddoury, Abdelhak Mahmoudi and Mohammed Majid Himmi

Indoor Localization using Deep Reinforcement Learning

Mohamed El Kaddoury, Abdelhak Mahmoudi and Mohammed Majid Himmi

Urban Fabric Segmentation on High Resolution Sattelite Images Using a Fully Convolutional Neural Network

El Mendili Lamiae, Chougrad Mehdi, Sebari Imane and Puissant Anne

ECG Beat Classification Based on 1-D Convolutional Neural Network

Lahcen EL bouny, Mohammed Khalil and Abdellah Adib

Visual Speech Recognition using Hahn Convolutional Neural Network

Hicham Hammouchi

Using deep learning for intelligent and cross-lingual plagiarism detection

Oumaima Hourrane and El Habib Benlahmar

Mondrian Forests with Label Guided Splits

Ismaël Koné and Lahsen Boulmane

Review Aware Recommender Systems

Fatima Zahra Lahlou, Houda Benbrahim and Ismail KASSOU

PubFace “Know the people around you”

Hamid Ouanan

Introduction to Automatic Speech Recognition

Basma Oukit, Abdelhak Mahmoudi and Mohammed Majid Himmi

Deep Convolutional-recurrent neural network for SMR classification

Mouad RIYAD, Mohammed KHALIL, Abdellah ADIB

An end-to-end deep learning architecture for speaker identification

Sara SEKKATE, Mohammed KHALIL and Abdellah ADIB

Reinforcement learning use cases

Mohamed Zouidine and Mohammed Khalil